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CRI (Color Rendering Index)

time:2015-01-29 read:7
CRI(the Color Rendering Index) is one of the primary measurements for LED light quality performance,with a scale ranging from 1-100.A CRI of 80 or more qualifies as compliant with ENERGY STAT?,a governmental program that has included lighting products into its energy efficiency certification in recent years.All Sharp LEDs meet or exceed 80 CRI.

While it is an important benchmark,CRI alone is not enough for measuring the quality and aesthetic of light.CRI measurements take into account only the R1-R8 measurements on the Color Rendering Index,which are the least saturated colors in the spectrum.

The full CRI scale includes saturated colors and goes all the way to R15,and positions on the color scale significantly reflect the quality of light we perceive. True,vibrant rendering of reds-R9 on the scale-is one of the key factors in reproducing the rich"color of life"from an artificial light source. Adequate R9 performance is often missing from LED components for lighting applications,even those that advertise a high CRI.

Sharpe incorporates a blue LED die with a proprietary mixture of green and red phosphors to ensure that our LEDs deliver the R9"deep red dazzle". An accurate rendering of deep reds lends a warm,vibrant visual aesthetic that will help you elevate your lighting products from"efficient"to"unforgettable".