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Different aluminum housing lead to different heat dissipation

time:2015-01-29 read:20

In the market, 3 kinds of aluminum material used in downlight housing. Different level have different price, and have different performance.

1.1070 aluminum raw material: the technology called integrated cold forging processing,the thermal conductivity is 226w/m.k, the fins can be made to 0.6mm

2.6063 aluminum:the technology called common extruded,like sunflower series radiator,thermal conductivity is only 209w/m.k。Futhermore this kind of heat sink has separated bodies, which increase thermal resistance and installation cost.

3. ADC12 aluminum: the technology called die-casting,uses ADC12 material, the termal conductivity is 96w/m.k. As asual, the fins are less and thick,Reducing heat dissipation area and radiating area.